How to tune electric guitar with tuner

Tuning an electric guitar is an essential skill for any guitarist. A guitar that is properly tuned will sound better, play more easily, and make it easier to learn and play songs. Fortunately, tuning an electric guitar is a relatively simple process, especially with the help of a tuner. In this article, we will guide you through the steps on how to tune electric guitar with tuner.

Types of Tuners

There are several types of tuners available, including clip-on tuners, pedal tuners, and smartphone apps. Clip-on tuners are the most popular and affordable option for beginners, while pedal tuners are often preferred by professional guitarists who need a more accurate and reliable tuner. Smartphone apps are another option, but they may not always provide the most accurate tuning, especially in noisy environments.

How to tune electric guitar with tuner

  1. First, make sure your guitar is properly set up and in good condition. Check the strings for any signs of wear and tear, and make sure the guitar is properly intonated.
  2. Turn on your tuner and select the appropriate tuning mode. Most tuners have a chromatic mode that can tune any note, but there are also modes for standard tuning (EADGBE) and other common alternate tunings.
  3. Play the open string you want to tune. The tuner will detect the pitch and display whether the string is in tune or not. If the string is sharp, loosen the tuning peg to lower the pitch. If the string is flat, tighten the tuning peg to raise the pitch.
  4. Repeat the process for each string, starting with the thickest string (low E) and working your way up to the thinnest string (high E).
  5. Once all the strings are in tune, play each string again to confirm the tuning. Adjust as needed until all strings are in tune.


  • Tune in a quiet environment to minimize interference from external noise.
  • Stretch your strings before tuning to get a more accurate reading.
  • Use a reliable tuner for the most accurate tuning.

Alternative Tuning Methods

While a tuner is the most reliable way to tune an electric guitar, there are other methods available. Tuning by ear requires a good ear and experience, but it can be a useful skill to develop. Using a tuning fork can also be effective, but it may not be as precise as a tuner.


Tuning an electric guitar is a crucial step in playing music. By following the steps outlined in this article and using a reliable tuner, you can ensure that your guitar is properly tuned and ready to play. Remember to take care of your guitar and practice regularly to improve your skills as a guitarist.

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